The TECHNO-MAGIC MEGA-MIX is JEREMY VARGUS' internationally recognized signature performance style. Jeremy has taken the ancient art of Magic and has combined it with  today's hottest European techno dance music. Presenting these two dynamic duos in a non-stop mix of euphoric energy. Jeremy Vargus then tops this hot, edgy style with his incredible vocal and dance talents to create "an outrageously inventive production!" Jeremy has collaborated with the music industry's top D.J.s and producers to create a new audio and visual theatrical experience!

He is "reinventing the art of Magic" and the way people view modern entertainment. CALL BACK Magazine has called this production, "Explosive!" See Media.

As if the sexy, athletic, vinyl-clad cast of The Illusion Corps wasn't eye-catching enough, Jeremy Vargus' show contains very innovative fantasy characters. Jeremy combines fantasy and Magic to create "a world of uniquely engineered imagination." Each one of the various fantasy characters has a story to tell within the mindscape of imagination woven throughout the performance. The show begins with a mystical horned enchantress whoThe Enchantress invites the audience to leave their reality and join Jeremy's fantastic world of Magic, music, and dance, through her song of flight. In addition, the show involves a multitude of special effects including one of Jeremy's signature effect, a miraculous indoor snow storm! This truly is an original and unique production unlike anything seen before. Take a journey through the mind of JEREMY VARGUS


Jeremy & Racheal pumping up the crowd

Enchantress in Cloud

Jeremy singing with troupe

Jeremy singing

Night Clubs & Circuit Events                                                                                                           

Jeremy Vargus' Club Show is the perfect entertainment for any venue that has, or desires, a hot and sexy club atmosphere. The 'club version' of Jeremy's show far surpasses the typical track act! The nature of this intense production features Jeremy Vargus' signature Techno-Magic Mega-Mix style of a continuously mixed track of European techno music, high-energy dance and live vocals combined with a high-tech laser and light show. Club goers from across the globe to Hollywood's elite have been mesmerized by Jeremy's visual spectacular. Making their night out into "a totally unique and euphoric experience!" To see some live action production stills from these outrageous events, check out the photos page.

Corporate & Industrials                                                             Racheal floats                                                   

Some of the world's largest corporations such as The Limited, Xerox, RJ Reynolds/ Camel, Federated Department Stores/ Bloomingdale's/ Macy's and Mercedes-Benz have all called upon Jeremy Vargus along with his talented troupe of entertainers, known as The Illusion Corps, to create an unforgettable convention or product presentation. Jeremy's talents were put to the test when he and the troupe created a special production to promote music sensation Shania Twain on her recent tour. Product or person, Jeremy Vargus delivers beyond all expectations! For more about our corporate productions see Corporate.


Jeremy Vargus' innovative production brings excitement to a college campus like no other entertainer can.  College students easily identify with Vargus' youth and winning charm. Jeremy's performance is perfect for the MTV generation who thrive on the flash and high-energy hype that captures today's pop-culture. Vargus captivates college audiences with his edgy, lavish Techno-Magic and sex appeal.

Cast fly's

Techno-Magic Laser Light Show


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