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Jeremy VargusJEREMY VINCENT VARGUS, creator and lead of the 'The Illusion Corps,'  is "one of today's hottest young stars to emerge from the world of Magic." But, don't let his boyish demeanor fool you. This fresh face represents more than just today's youth. Jeremy is an acclaimed, well rounded entertainer and producer. As a performer, Vargus is an accomplished magician-singer-dancer-actor and off-stage he works as a show producer and Illusioneer. Jeremy Vargus has been performing for over 20 years. That's right, Jeremy has been in the "biz" since he was just a kid. But, Vargus' talents reach far beyond being on stage and in front of the camera. Vargus is often called upon for consulting and creating magical and theatrical elements into other productions for stage, television and film with his award-winning magical FX and his corporate “Promo-tainment.” From his television appearances on “The Young & The Restless” and the 2003 National Spokesman for “Little Caesar’s Pizza” to creating astonishing magical effects for music artists, theaters and cruise lines, Vargus’ work is in major demand for all venues that require “world-class, spectacular entertainment!” 

Jeremy's idols, who have inspired him, include: Doug Henning, Harry Blackstone Jr., Jim Henson, Grace Jones, David Bowie, Bob Fosse and Bette Midler. Personal Quote: "If you want to make your dreams to come true, you must sacrifice the need to follow." For more information on Jeremy Vargus see his Biography.

"Hey there everyone! I would like to take a moment to thank all of you who have sent me letters and emails. I read them all, keep them coming. Thanks!" ~Jeremy

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Wilder Brackins, Enchantress. Cleveland, OH. Rachael K. Widener, Choreographer/ Dancer. Amherst, OH.


Kashmera Asnani, Dancer. Bombay, India 




Heather Kunkle, Dance Captain/ Dancer. Berlin, Germany


Javanna Batkovic, Princess/ Ensemble. Bosnia/ Cleveland, OH.  Mindy Milburn, Dancer. Los Angeles, CA.


Meagan Pauline Gallagher, Dancer. Sandusky, OH.



Brittany Neatroure, Dancer. Hudson, OH.






Jordan Neatroure, Dancer. Las Vegas, NV.  Mike Herzog, Ensemble. Cleveland, OH.


Erik Strunk, Dance Captain/ Dancer. Philadelphia, PA. 

Eric Matuschek, Dancer/ Ensemble. Los Angeles, CA.



Sean Kadar, Dancer/ Ensemble. Mentor, OH. 



Matt Zemla, Ensemble. Cleveland, OH. 



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