Jeremy Vargus on chair

Escape StripJeremy Vargus has mesmerized audiences with his "unique and nostalgic feats of escape." Vargus captures the classic element of escape artistry from the masters of yesteryear and adds his very own modern, edgy twist. Vargus' talents were recently utilized by the A.F.I.'s (American Film Institute) "100 Years, 100 Thrills" celebration. Commemorating the century's past 100 thrilling moments of film. Vargus recreated a breathtaking and death defying Houdini Escape for the crowd of spectators at the A.F.I. The network special aired in early summer of 2001 on CBS.

Jeremy's incredibly entertaining escapes can be added to any performance or can be presented as a solo event. Whether hanging upside down from a burning rope or shackled and bound, Jeremy Vargus' daring escapes will keep audiences breathless and wanting more.

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