LOS ANGELES, CA. March 12 "Pizza Pizza!" A phrase that we all know and associate with the popular pizza chain "Little Caesars Pizza." In the tradition of Little Caesars' wacky and memorable commercials, the producers were looking for a new comedic spokesman who would capture the consumer's attention while delivering a very entertaining performance. They wanted Jeremy Vargus. Jeremy recently took time off from his performance schedule to shoot the new television campaign for Little Caesars.

"It was a lot of fun!" says Vargus who is currently preparing for his summer line-up. "We all grew up watching those [Little Caesars] commercials, so it's really exciting to be a part of something so familiar."

Although Vargus does not perform Magic in the new TV ads, he does deliver a super-sized helping of comic relief, something that comes naturally to the young entertainer. "I love to be goofy and make people laugh. Laughing helps cleanse the soul." Says Vargus. Vargus' love for physical comedy is quite apparent in his over-the-top charismatic performance in the new pizza commercials.

The national TV campaign begins airing this month and runs indefinitely. 






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