Showtime: South Florida Sun - Sentinel; Dec 27, 2002
by Greg Overzat

Magician Jeremy Vargus, 25, is among a rare breed of young performers who are breathing new life into old tricks.

Since the age of 5, Vargus has known exactly what he's wanted to do with his life. Intrigue, suspense, levity (and levitation), and wholehearted entertainment came naturally to this unparalleled performer. Referred to as the "Backstreet Boy of Magic," Vargus finds himself in a variety of performance arenas, depending on the group he is satisfying. From theme parks to cruises, adult to child entertainment, he covers it all with style and ease. He and fellow magician Adam Williams perform in a production called Magic-XS, a side project they've created to meld their talents.

Magic-XS showcases a unique blend of music, dance, grandeur -- and of course, magic. 

"It's a great way of testing out new material," Vargus said. "In these shows we present over-the-top stage illusions along with pop singers, performance artists, dancers, etc., yielding fantastic results."  

Vargus, a Los Angeles resident who grew up mainly in Fort Lauderdale, has captivated cruise patrons with his show. He'll bring the Magic- XS show to the Back to the Beach New Year's Eve Miami 2003 at the Miami Beach Convention Center.

More than anything, Vargus constantly seeks a means of provoking the child within young and old alike. Audience participation also proves key in providing full-throttle amusement. His straight- jacket escape usually lasts about 12 minutes, and Vargus spends 11 minutes strapped into his restraint, cracking jokes and allowing spectators to become a part of the show.

And as for unexpected thrills, "I think that's the fun of it -- to be constantly challenged," Vargus said. "It helps you grow as a performer."

With appearances in Not Another Teen Movie and The Young & The Restless, as well as AFI's 100 Years 100 Thrills, Vargus has made a name for himself . Additionally, Vargus has an impressive modeling resume, maintaining himself as the official poster model for the Swedish Navy clothing company.

As a master of his trade Vargus has started a revolution of performing arts. However, don't tell him he's the bellwether of the next generation. "That would be putting a time limit on what I do. After all, there will always be a next generation to follow and magic is timeless."

For more information regarding upcoming performances, pictures, or to contact Jeremy, visit his Web site,, as well as Magic-XS. Back to the Beach New Year's Eve Miami 2003 will be at the Miami Beach Convention Center, 1901 Convention Center Drive, 800-494-8497.

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