LOS ANGELES, CA. –November 25, 2002 – Jeremy Vargus and his sexy troupe of outrageous entertainers are getting back to the basics in a steaming hot new show that will be appearing in larger night club and concert venues across the country. Vargus has teamed up with fellow magician and friend, Adam Williams, to create "Magic-XS." The dynamic duo of Vargus and Williams are the masterminds behind some of Southern California’s most innovative nightclub event spectacles this past year: including the unforgettable "Flava Takes Flight" at The Mayan Theater downtown Los Angeles. The popular performance artist, Flava, was magically levitated an astonishing 18 feet above the heated crowd ending with Magic-XS' signature 'Indoor Snowstorm' and a laser-light spectacular.

Since then, Vargus and Williams' "Magic-XS," has produced multiple event productions grabbing the attention of many nightclub and concert event producers and are scheduled to produce their signature feats of major illusion effects, simultaneously, into the much anticipated South Beach New Years Celebration and Los Angeles New Years Celebration. These are an uninhibited, over-the-top events of colossal proportions with an expected attendance of over 10,000 party goers and are being hailed as "The Largest New Year's Eve Events on the Planet!" Magic-XS is the only company of it's kind to be producing simultaneous shows on both the east and west coasts. While both Vargus and Williams continue to work as separate entertainers of their own merit, together as "Magic-XS," they are creating more of these "slick, creative, sophisticated magical productions** " that will sweep the nation's nightlife! 

**IN Los Angeles Magazine, Nightlife Review

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