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Pakistani & U.S. Entertainers Unite to Fight Terrorism


LOS ANGELES, CA. -November 10, 2001- As US troops are distributing flyers and supplies promoting peace and friendship towards the people of Afghanistan, JEREMY VARGUS has very innovatively risen to the occasion to prove that Hollywood can help in a very significant way.

JEREMY VARGUS, the up-and-coming Techno-Magicô sensation is teaming up with the acclaimed, multi-platinum, Pakistani/ Asian pop stars, SAMAD SOOMRO & NAZLI NASR, to create FANTASMANIA, the worldís first fantasy spectacular that is scheduled to entertain the people of Pakistan and UAE. The proceeds will go towards helping the civilian Afghani families affected by the ongoing war.

"Hollywood has done little in the past to help minimize differences among cultures and ethnicities. Now is the time for Hollywood to step up and take the social and moral responsibility to work in that direction. The only long-term solution to eliminate terrorism is to have friends across all borders. Iím proud to be one of the first few." Says Jeremy Vargus.

"Entertainers from two very different worlds are coming together in order to help eliminate the tension between Americans and the Muslims. Jeremy Vargusí spirit and courage at a time like this is admirable. Jeremy and his troupe will be perceived as ambassadors of goodwill and peace from the USA by the Muslim world." Says Samad, of the pop duo Samad & Nazli.

JEREMY VARGUS, 24, is the "hot and handsome young man" who has been named "The Backstreet Boy of Magic." Vargus has gained worldwide media attention for his unique musical, Techno-Magicô style of performance. Jeremy, with his troupe of 20 plus called "The Illusion Corps," combines award-winning magical illusions, fantasy elements, high-energy dance, and his singing talents to create "an outrageously inventive performance!"

FANTASMANIA is a unique production, which combines elements of techno-music, modern magic and fantasy from both Eastern and Western pop-cultures. The super high-tech grandeur of Fantasmania is unlike anything ever experienced by the people in that part of the world. Vargus has collaborated with a group of former Walt Disney Imagineers to create a distinctively original and mind-blowing production. The show begins with a mystical horned enchantress who descends from the heavens and invites the audience into her world of imagination through a song of flight. Fantasmania is designed to be a magical dream; the production includes an indoor snowstorm, uniquely conceived fantasy characters and a celestial laser light extravaganza.

"We want the audience to experience something so awesome they would escape their reality and step into another dimension. People need a release, a break from what is real and unfortunately so painful, in light of the stress and negativity from the recent events. Iím not too worried about the risk involved. A message of friendship should be well received." Says Vargus.

Fantasmania is scheduled to play in the UAE and the Pakistani cities of Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad during "Eid-ul-fitr," the largest Muslim holiday celebration, starting soon after the New Year.

"Iím thrilled and excited that I will be able to not only entertain the people of Pakistan and UAE, but also to help the innocent people affected by the war. By doing so, I want to communicate a very sincere message of peace." Says Vargus.


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News Update

LOS ANGELES, CA-- March 11, 2002-- Due to the recent escalation in the war against terrorism and State Department Advisories, FANTASMANIA will be delayed until further notice.

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